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Your subscription for the 2018/2019 year is now due.  

You can make payment at any time by logging in at the LOGIN tab and selecting the payment type - credit card, online banking or cheque. 

If you pay by credit card then the update is immediate and you will receive two emails from us - one confirming your transaction is pending and one following advising that the status is paid, assuming your credit card transaction is accepted. 

If you elect to pay by online banking or cheque your will only receive one email which will tell you that payment is pending.  Once you make payment through your bank or send us a cheque you will receive a second email when these have been processed confirming your paid status.

Remember that until your subscription has been paid the automatic discount on shop purchases does not get activated.

If you would like a form to complete and to send to us via NZ post then you can download it here.

IMPORTANT: If you are an existing member or have been a member in the last 3 years, we already have your details. You do not need to create a new member record.  If you can't remember your LOGIN and/or Password, please use the "Contact Us" tab below and we will reset it/them for you.

Many thanks

Guild Executive


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