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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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Back Bar Models

Rick Schreuder describes Back Bar Models as "the new kid on the block". Rick has brought to the market a range of NZ railway kits for 6 wheel carriage and 4 wheel guard's vans from the 1800s. The car bodies are laser cut parts and there is a range of styles including 31' C class six wheel carriages and 31' B class bogies cars.

31' C class radial underframes, comprising etched brass and cast components and wheels are sold separately. Bogies for this car are currently under development.

The four wheel guard's van is also etched brass with brass detail castings and the kit provides various options for pre and post-1900 configurations. Underframes included with wheels and choice of numberplates.

Rick has also produced a considerable number of detail carriage parts as well as carriage plates for 1:64 S scale, 1:34 9 Mill scale and 1:120 scale.


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