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Trade News, March 2021

Prototype NZR Models announces the release of the 3/16th S scale NZR J, Ja, Jb class locomotive kitsets. These steam locomotive kitsets are available in six main variants: 

Type 1: J class coal fired streamlined - for the years 1939 through c.1947 to c.1953, built by North British.

Type 2: J class coal fired without streamlining – for the years c.1947 onwards, built by North British.

Type 3: J class converted to oil fired without streamlining during the period 1948 to 1950, all designated Jb class from 1952, built by North British.

Type 4: J class converted to oil fired with streamlining for J 1211 in preservation.

Type 5: Ja class coal fired delivered from 1946 to 1956 built by NZR at Hillside in South Island service.

Type 6: Ja class oil fired all delivered 1952 built by North British in North Island service.

Primary castings are in pewter, secondary detail castings in brass, supplied with three newly CAD drawn nickel silver etches, one each for the sprung chassis, the boiler, and some of the rods and other small parts. The etches are easy to solder, threaded where necessary to screw together, and straightforward to paint.

Choose the variant you want to model by type, select one of Types 1 to 6 and you will receive this version, plus the Generic Parts kitset, a set of brass castings, etches, and a set of hardware. This will enable you to build the type you have chosen. 

Pricing is $665 for each kitset, except for the two streamlined types which are an extra $25 each.

Postage, courier, rural delivery, are extra, depending on your destination. 

Contact Roger Dawson: pnzrm@xtra.co.nz



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