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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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In this issue:

Jewels Wayne Brindle’s F 97 plough/car-van.

A friend of Wayne Brindle asked about obtaining materials to build 20ft plough van (F 18) that he had seen at MOTAT. After some research, and with some drawings and photos from John Agnew Wayne was hooked and built this model of F 97 as it was divided into passenger cabin and guards van sections. See page 31 to see how he built the model.

4 |  FIDERO RESOURCES (NO LIABILITY) - Keith Rimmer describes his small and educational On18 layout.

13 | LAWRENCE BOUL’S F 154 - Notes and prototype photos of Lawrence’s finely detailed locomotive. 

14 | THE KAIPARA CO-OP DAIRY COMPANY - Peter Hopcroft. The early history of a common industry served by the NZR.

23 | ENGINEERS’ TURNOUT CARRIER (ETC) WAGONS - Photos and drawings of the prototype.

28 | ETC TURNOUT CARRIER WAGONS - Ross Olliver built two of these unique wagons.

31 | PLOUGH/CAR-VAN F 97 - Wayne Brindle builds a period plough van model.

35 | BENDING CONSISTENT WIRE PARTS - Fred shows you how to bend a lot of grab-irons or similar wire parts, 

36 | THE SCOTT BROS D CLASS LOCOMOTIVE - Graham Dredge. Continuing the history of the D class locomotives.

40 | RM 1: THE RED TERROR IN NZ120 - David Weedon tells how he built his diminutive model.


43 | CONVENTION REPORT - News for the upcoming NZAMRC Rails from the Rubble Easter convention.

 43 | NEW ZEALAND MODEL RAILWAY GUILD INC. - Notice for the Guild’s Annual General Meeting

ON THE COVER: Lawrence Boul was inspired by a W.W. Stewart photo he saw to build his S scale model of F 154. See page 13 for some details of the prototype and the rear cover for more photos of his magnificent model. Photograph Lawrence Boul.

REAR COVER: Lawrence Boul’s F 154. Nice touches to Lawrence Boul’s F 154 include the canvas rolls, released to provide shelter from the heavy rain the West Coast is well known for. Hungry boards in the cab door were quite common on small locos and allowed the crew to load more coal onto the floor to supplement the small coal bunkers. While the driver is busy the fireman is taking a break from the hard task of shovelling coal while the F is running on level track. Subtle weathering finishes the model and gives it a nice flavour of a well used locomotive.  Lawrence Boul.   


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